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2007-08-12 16:45:25 by Haley87

Ok so I go by the NGPD to do my daily page reading and I find This! (look at the 3 last posts or so)!

I see my friend rejecting to illegibles requests and then a guy name TailsPrower fucking goes off! WTF? Why the hell did that happen? It's fucking crazy, I mean aren't NGPD'ers supposed to have a calm receptive attitude?! Geez, they need to get a better disposition towards people, or atleast that Tails guy does!


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2007-08-15 21:10:58

Speaking as the head of the Elite Guard Barracks, I can't blame Tails for being pissed off. Andrea is not a member of the NGPD, she is a member of the EGB. She didn't have any right to say what she said and take control. Tails was pissed, sure, but it was for good reason. After all, Andrea was appointed by me in my group, not by Tails in his. If you look into the situation more, you'll realize that Andrea, while she had only the best in mind, was in the wrong.

Haley87 responds:

Well, you do know that half the time she says anyhting it's mostly sarcasm right? I just don't see why he'd get THAT pissed over something so minimalistic compared to "what happened last time" I think he over killed her there a little.


2007-10-05 03:36:28

What a bunch of fags.


2007-10-06 22:58:00

Nick, you are a fag.

(Updated ) Haley87 responds:

Good one. So um, you coming outside on the trampoline now? The connectivity is better!


2007-11-21 15:11:19

I don't get it. What's the big complaint. Oh, and Nick is a fag, I second that.

Haley87 responds: