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Andrea364 is crazy!

2007-07-21 02:24:46 by Haley87

I just found out my best friend is a psycho killer, yet she's so compassionate and very affectionate. The scary part is, she's terribly fond of me and whenever I spend the night over there she offers to fix everything for me. Some part of me tells me to run away screaming "OMG murderer, freak, help me, pscho killer on the loose " yet the other half says " Is she really that bad? Why is she so nice? Do I dare ask her if she's bi or not? " still the other half says " Wonder what's for dinner tonight? Hmm... I smell cookies. " Help NG, I need to know what the hell's with that and what I should do!
: That stuff just scares the shit out of me... *shudder*


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2007-08-09 02:05:27

: doesn't work here :'( lolz

Maybe what you should do is get a jet-pack and use it to fly...How that will help is beyond me.

Haley87 responds:

Meh... I hate that fucking error thing, I liked the quote!


2007-09-29 18:39:33

Yeah, scary. *sarcasm* Next time you two knock boots I suggest rubbers.

Haley87 responds:

What is that supposed to mean?


2007-11-22 05:06:34

Definately sex her up. DEFINATELY.

Haley87 responds:



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